From the Founders: Our #1 Sex Tip

If you're anything like me, the start of the year is a whirlwind, and coming back online means staring down a tall tower of to-do's. Some days, it's enough to make my head spin. So, if you're feeling overwhelmed at this point, I get it. I'm with you.

One of the greatest struggles I have with my brain is its need for immediacy. My natural tendency is to want everything to happen right now. Dream job right now. Another vacation right now. Better sex right now. Learning how to work with that is a journey I'm still on — and one that A Sex Journal has played a huge role in.

At the end of 2019, I had the privilege to sit down with the incredible Dr. Holly Richmond, whose credentials in and approach to sex therapy have made her a trusted expert among her clients, the media, and sexual health companies.

We covered a LOT of ground in our conversation, but one of my favorite parts was getting to dive into how we're still learning about and navigating ourselves and our relationships. No matter how much we know, we are constantly evolving, so there is always more to discover.

I think back to the first time that Caleb and I wrote in our sex journal. It was such a big, eye-opening moment; we learned so much about ourselves and each other. I remember thinking to myself, "Well, this is it." A small part of me thought we figured it — whatever it was — out. Of course, looking back two years later, I can see that first entry was just the starting point of a lifelong conversation about pleasure, intimacy, and connection.

So, from where we stand, here is our number one sex tip: Practice makes progress. Every time you have share an experience, reflect, and communicate is an opportunity to discover more of what you and your partner desire and need. As you dive into your journals, know that the journey itself is the destination, and small steps are big victories.

You're doing great. :)

All of my love,