We created A Sex Journal for Couples because keeping a sex journal transformed our relationship. It opened up incredible conversations that we never thought to have, and even today, keeping our journal continues to be one of our favorite relationship rituals.

A Sex Journal for Couples started as a little project for us and some friends. We made the first copies on printer paper and stapled them in our living room. People loved them, so we decided to keep going. We read books, talked to therapists, and studied research until we fleshed out a format that we loved.

Now, we're shipping journals and sparking conversations all around the world — and this is just the beginning.

Thanks for being one of the first to join us on this journey. We’re so happy to get to share this first product with you, and we're excited to hear what you think.

With love, 

Levina + Caleb
Co-Founders, A Sex Journal